Friday, March 09, 2007

Moving along

Don't panic. There is progress. However I do have a life outside this hobby and that has been getting more attention recently.

First of all work has been getting further and further behind. But with a very focused 2 weeks Its all back on track. However there still a lot to do to finish the paper I'm working on.

The second reason is that I can get 11 euro train tickets to anywhere in Austria on staurdays till the end of march. We are using that big time. Last week we went to Saltzburg, this week were are off to Gratz. It nice to finnaly get out of Wien.

To follow that we finally got some cheap flights to Brussles. We are there for 2 days plus one day in Paris via the train. I promised Jayne and Jordan that we would see Europe while we are here, and after almost a year I'm starting to make good on that promise.

As for the fluid code. Its manily a staurday affair, so it has not got the attention lattly. But don't worry I have been working on and I do have some more movies. I wanted something out in feb and now its march. I won't give a data at this stage for a beta 0.5 release. But it should be sooner rather than later.