Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Previews and Progress

Yes progress! We are looking good for a beta 0.5 version mid to end of Feb. I have added some preview code and got some nice previs without the long render times that we get with Implicit Objects. As you can see in the screen shot we can also now add obstructions and the like.

However one thing is for sure, with the current setup the implcit objects are just too slow. There are two soluctions, one speed up the implicit object evaluations and make some optimization to the implicit code by assuming a smooth function. I want to do both, but we will have to see how things pan out.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Back from Köln

Yes, we finnaly got out of Veinna for a holiday. Just 3 days and a extra day in Solovakia just to vist the best chocolate shop in the world. So anyway we will be back to work on this today and tommorow.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Boundry condtions

I couldn't sleep last night so I pondered a better way to do boundry condtions. At this point I use the common method of a number of layers of particles attached to the boundry. Unfortunatly this does not really let me import polygon geometry very easily. Or any other type of gemometry for that matter. Another method is reflected particles. Unfortunaly this tends to increase stablity issues with impacting drops since the effective velocity is twice what it should be.

So another way to avoid storing the particles is a "hacked" refelcted boundry particles. Well rather the particles are reflected so that they are on the boundry rather than behind it. Taking this to next simplified step, and the cost of accuracy, we just place a single particle closest to the current particle on the surface, aka perpendicular to the tangent line of the surface. Futher particles can be generated from a stable latice on that surface. Care must be taken at the corners.

Anyway thats not yet implemetened. Here are 2 simulations with differnt thresholds for the surface. Not that one went unstable. I suspect its a threading issue and some particles got updated twice.

treshold=10 and goes unstable

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Art of Illusion

We have started to intergrate the code into art of illusion. If you are like me and havn't heard about AoI then pop over to site. Its a great project and its writen in java which makes intergrating easier than blender. But like all 3d apps its takes getting use to since everything is slightly different. It also has volume rendering which has appeal for smoke effects. And yes I'm still going to put this in blender as well. AoI is great but lacks some of the great modling and animation of blender. But then blender is older and has a lot more people working on it.

I even have some renders from the AoI raytracer and the intergrated fluid engine. Still early stages tho. And note the freck out in one of them when the fluid goes unstable. For those of you that use the blender fluids, just remember its a very easy fluid solver to use, and will problably always be easyer than this one... anyway, the links:

first atempt

faster render

smaller particles

smaller particles and freck out!