Friday, January 05, 2007

Boundry condtions

I couldn't sleep last night so I pondered a better way to do boundry condtions. At this point I use the common method of a number of layers of particles attached to the boundry. Unfortunatly this does not really let me import polygon geometry very easily. Or any other type of gemometry for that matter. Another method is reflected particles. Unfortunaly this tends to increase stablity issues with impacting drops since the effective velocity is twice what it should be.

So another way to avoid storing the particles is a "hacked" refelcted boundry particles. Well rather the particles are reflected so that they are on the boundry rather than behind it. Taking this to next simplified step, and the cost of accuracy, we just place a single particle closest to the current particle on the surface, aka perpendicular to the tangent line of the surface. Futher particles can be generated from a stable latice on that surface. Care must be taken at the corners.

Anyway thats not yet implemetened. Here are 2 simulations with differnt thresholds for the surface. Not that one went unstable. I suspect its a threading issue and some particles got updated twice.

treshold=10 and goes unstable

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