Friday, November 24, 2006

Long time since last time

Yes. Learning a 2nd lanuage and work is taking up far more of my time than expected. However there has been progress I just have not posted it here. I have just got another machine for home so this will help. But its still a AMD64 so it takes a while to get all the python working properly.

But we are getting there. My try to show at least a nice render before Christmass.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Well we are still getting settled here in our new Country. Flying for almost 24 hours straight is a long time when you don't fit between the seats. I still haven't got a computer yet and one HDD that come with me still hasn't hooked up to a computer.

Just before we left I was working on the iso-surface code that is meant to turn the bunch of particles into a nice flowing liquid. That was getting there and only have a few more details to check. Unfortunately for a lot of real world applications it is slow and could add 20% or more to the total simulation time.

The Goal is now to have a custom fluid simulator that will interact with animated objects. The 2nd feature set will be floating objects. This is mainly to support the special effects that I want to put in some short films meant for a game that my brother and I are working on. This correctness won't be dealt with until next year.

I must admit that I have been surprised to get some comments. I want to point out that my original goal is a fluid dynamics solver that will work for real design work. Not just cool animations. I like my high power rockets and work like to contribute to the community a bit with this code. Also I assure you this is not dead, but slow. I will announce the first release in the blender forums.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Thesis Is In

Yep... I have handed in the PhD thesis. Oh Joy. So if you have ever done a PhD you will understand the lack of postings. But don't worry I have done some work on it. Almost got the isosurface tessalation finished so we can have nice smooth sufaces without the huge performance hit that metaballs gives you. So you will see some updates in the next few weeks.

I will likly be "prerealeased" sometime in march.