Monday, February 06, 2006

Thesis Is In

Yep... I have handed in the PhD thesis. Oh Joy. So if you have ever done a PhD you will understand the lack of postings. But don't worry I have done some work on it. Almost got the isosurface tessalation finished so we can have nice smooth sufaces without the huge performance hit that metaballs gives you. So you will see some updates in the next few weeks.

I will likly be "prerealeased" sometime in march.


Pseudonym said...

This project looks really cool. I would love to see a particle-based fluid simulation in blender. can't wait for the pre-release.

Delt0r said...

Yea sorry keeping getting delayed. I'm now in Austria so I will be working on it very soon. I need it for some FX so it will be done. I will be posting in the blender fourms when done.

vidiot said...

And I of course would like to see this in AoI - well I saw your animations already and I´m deeply impressed that somebody took the chance to build such a thing quite fast after implicit surfaces for AoI have been released!