Friday, November 04, 2005

Non Code Work

I have been doing quite a bit of R&D but mainly R. I really want this code to provide quite a wide range of capabilities, including thermal transport, reacting flows and full equation of state (supercritical fluids). Also i want to be able to model thermal transport through solids all in the same framework. This does not look like it will be too complicated, but there has not been much code devlopment.

Soon I will push for a release, manily for animations. It will focus on ease of finding a stable set of parameters, with some nice "defaults" for common liquids.


Anonymous said...

Your work looks excellent.

It would be great to see another fluid simulator in Blender (the more the merrier) and this project looks promising.

However, I really think thermal transport and supercritical fluids is kinda going overboard for CG use (how you going to define temperature gradients in Blender anyway?)...

Better to get something released into Blender with basis functionality than something that is overly complex that doesn't get implemented at all (IMHO).

Keep up the good work!! Looking forward to playing with this.

Anonymous said...

wow! i just stumbled onto your project, and it looks REALY cool. i bookmarked it and am looking forward to updates.

Ummm..... no updates in 2 months. Not Dead i hope? (the project, i mean)