Monday, January 19, 2009


Once i properly answered the question i found even more bugs....

So now it should always "convert to trimesh" without any special settings. Same link as below.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Delt0r.


Anonymous said...

Hello Delt0r,

is the current release ok for version 2.7 (2.7.1) of Aoi or do we need to wait for an update on that?

Greetings from Hamburg

Anonymous said...

Hi Delt0r,

Since the current version doesn´t work along with 2.7 series of AoI:
Will there be an (simple) update that enables the use of the latest physisc version to work with AoI 2.7.1?


bob said...

I have one kind of working. But wanted to finish the selection set stuff.

Unfortunately i have been quite sick, and i am teaching again in April.

So i won't give any dates. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I hope you recovered well Delt0r!
Good to know you´re still around.

I guess even the curious user like me can wait. Health is the most valueable good on earth, just before luck.
I wish you both!


Rich said...

Hey Bob, well-wishes from me too.

Thanks for the link, Harald.

Lasse said...

Nice Work Deltor.
But since 2.7 your plugin doesn't work anymore when it runs under Java 1.6 I think. Many Mac Users Updated to Java 1.6 some months ago and now nothing works anymore...Or Maybe I'm just too dumb to understand your blog...Could you make an announcement on the start page?
Kind Regards,

(formerly Hamburger)

bob said...

I use nothing but java 1.6 so that should not make a difference. Mac or otherwise. Also it won't work with AoI 2.7. Yet.

Anonymous said...

Lasse - as Delt0r said:
It´s related to AoI.
It works fine with 2.6.1
You need to stick with the older version of AoI if you want to do fluids.

btw with "formerly Hamburger"
you mean "from Hamburg" before moving away?