Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Long time no posts. Sorry. The code is not clean. However if i don't do something with it very soon i will release it all.

Again. Sorry. Life interferes like that.


Anonymous said...

Haven´t read your blog for a while.
Due to the lack of updates I guess.

I do hope you´ll find the time and fun to do something on your code.
Maybe release it anyway *and* work on it?

In any case:
Good to hear something from you.
Harald / Vid

bob said...

this is perhaps a good idea.

The code is not "hard" mathematically but its experimental and hence hard... to perhaps read etc.

TroY said...

I agree with Vid. And making the code free will be a good choice. Don't know how many guys are around who could work on it but maybe it could even attract more happy hackers.

Anyway, I still hope you're able to get back to the code in near future. :)


bob said...

I will have a look into it at the weekend.

It will most likely be a git repo, where you let me know and i merge you patch into the main...

Joshua said...

Where do you download it - it's not in the Plugin manager...

bob said...

If you look at some older posts you will see the link.


Joshua said...

Thanks - that's very helpful!
I've been wanting it for a long time, but I just haven't found it.

Joshua said...

So...Whats the trick?
I cant figure out how to animate water! You can't edit the object, or double-click on the icon in the sidebar to change it's properties.


Anonymous said...

From some animations posted here and there I have seen nice results. However, the code seems broken in version 2.8.1?

When will you release the source code?


bob said...

The source was released. I just forgot to blog about it. See the latest post.