Monday, August 29, 2005

Another Weak end

Yep... Still not that much closer to a release. Because of the change of plan, I have gone over the code to ensure that it is physically correct. Quite a few changes where required, but now its a correct SPH solver. We are using a 2nd order leap frog method that provides good stability. I have done some simulations with 100,000 particles without too much trouble. There has been a few issues with boundary conditions that now need a few options. But otherwise everything is progressing nicely, just a little slower than I would like.

So first is too include the Floating body code. Then finish the GUI. Before the release I will add a marching cubes iso-surface output option.

I may, in the near future add a POVRAY output option. This will allow very cool visualisation of shocks and over parameters with its volume rendering.

So i should have some animation by next week...

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jvlewing said...

vite vite.

ne dormez pas!

seulement travailler, manger, et poo-er.