Monday, August 22, 2005

Blender Python GUI and new directions

Well the weekend was not so good. I tried to do a GUI in blender with python, and when in circles. I hate writing GUI's at the best of times, but learning the limitations of the integration of python was slow. So I'm ending up with a simplified interface with some restrictions that will be lifted later. At this point the restrictions are not too bad, which is just one, only 10 objects total. But again this is a GUI limitation not a code limitation.

Also I'm changing the focus a little. Originally it was just for good looking fluid. But now its target is fluid simulation. Eventually for compressible flows including shocks. But interacting fluids is first, and modeling floating objects looks like it will make the now delayed first release. I'm changing the focus for two reasons. One, the fluid engine thats going into blender is plenty good enough, and theres reason to believe that it will be always a bit quicker. Two, I have always done fluid dynamic solvers in my free time, and I love doing them, but usually end up spending a huge amount of time getting the geometry of the problem into my programs. Alto blender is not a solid modeler, the python scripting really makes getting geometry in and out very easy. Its internal renderer is more than good enough and fast enough and yafray adds that sex appeal to presentations. So thats what i'm going to do. Heres the basic plan.

  • Fluid dynamics of incompressible liquids with interfaces.
  • interactive objects. Both "floating/sinking" and manually animated interaction.
  • Lots of options and a reference set so it be used for "real" studies.
  • Smoke--ok this will be purely for effects..
  • compressible flows
  • 2D domains (its all 3D up to here)
  • shocked flows.

No dates since this will be a work in progress. The first 2 will be done soon. At that point making it OS will be a option. But i intend to eventually get a publication out of this.


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