Friday, February 09, 2007

Huston- we have a problem.

Yep. I have been just blindly using my fluid code that i devloped in NZ. Unfortunaly its not the latest version and the latest version is back in New Zealand on a unpluged HDD. That about 18,000km away!

So what does that mean. Well some dealys anyway. The current code is not "stable" in the sence that the simulation tends to go unstable easily. Even if i keep to all the usual time step limits. There are about 3 different things that it could be, and they will need to be debuged.

But otherwise we continue to make progress. For example we now have a proper object import system. Also moving boundrys are almost there. We are getting some nice previews and it should be quite fast.

Here are a few more movies:
Velocity arrows raster animation
Isosurface of the same animation But cut short.

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