Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wave Machine...

I remember on TV there was this wave machine where the water is pumped over a surface. Well I thought it would be better to get full on tubes. So here is the first atempt at animating a real wave machine.

Wave Machine

Another polygon preview:


If we look at the last frame and compare a polygon preview with a isosurface render.

So whats going on. Well the last frame took almost 10 mins on a AMD64 X2 5000+ with java64. Thats slow for such a fast machine. This is not so good for debugging so I put some effort into preview visulaizations. So I produce a single axis alginged triangle for each particle. This also includes boundry particles, thats what the stationary ones are. It the first splash you can see them on the surface of the object.

So now with rapid visulaization I should be able to finish this plugin sooner rather than later. But be warned I start my next german course next week so I will be very busy.


Vidiot said...

Vielleicht kann ich beim nächsten Deutschkurs irgendwie behilflich sein? ;)

Very nice to see your effort in developing this Simulation plugin!
Very, very nice.


bob said...

My wife and daughter speek better german than me. They help a bit. Everyone at work speeks german of course. But i have a long way to go. I had to use a dictarny to work out what you said.

Harald said...

A british colleague of mine told me he learned german by teh mistakes I made in english...
Mabe a good hint for you when your colleagues *try* to speak english?

bob said...

There english is *very* good. I'm in Vienna and most of my work mates are germans. Most folk under the age of 60 speek very good english.

In fact i really don't need to learn german, but since I have traveled all the way from New Zealand to live and work here for about 3 years, it seems like something worth doing.

Ironicly my english teacher said my only chance to pass was if they though that english was my second lanuage. Folks english here is often better than mine.