Thursday, April 05, 2007


So for the first beta there is going to be a lot of options. For the most part folk won't want to adjust them, however they should provide work arounds for most problems you will encounter. In particular since I still don't have adptive steps there is the problem of choosing small enough step sizes, otherwise the fluid blows up, more or less.

There is still a bit to do. I need to put in motion avraging code, theres the partical density and the scale factor to add. Also there is some code cleaning to do. At this point I will stick with the main AoI realease and work with the new beta stuff later. As a result renders are a little slower than they need to be at this point.

Same slosh without the box and using the raytracer


Harald said...

Very nice deltor!
One can really feel the mighty splash.

Can´t wait to see the beta.

Marc said...


Anonymous said...

More Drooool

Harald said...

Deltor - no news for a month.
I´m so curious! :)