Sunday, June 10, 2007

Edging closer

I managed to write some code. Create some regresion bugs and then fix them. Here are the short movies. There are quite a few "bugs" that you can see in these movies, however thay are perfectly normal and with high resolution meshes and fluids you won't have problems with them.

Preview renders
A few seconds with the ray tracer

Note that the liquid surface needs work. This will come later.


Nik777 said...

Hey Bob,

Glad to read about progress here!
... and the new videos look cool - are you *sure* we can't be allowed to make our own??

I'm just posting about an update release for the AR plugin, so I felt sanctimonious enough to come over and bug you :o)

"Hi" to the perfect wife and lovely daughter as well!


Marc said...

Looking really good... :)

Kevin said...

Fun! For those of us who don't have any experience with fluid simulation in 3D programs, can you give us an idea of how it will integrate with AoI? Will arbitratry meshes be usable as obstacles/containers? How might a typical use case go? What is the average air-speed velocity of a coconut-laden swallow?

Sam said...

Hi bob. I'd just like to say i think that a fluid plug-in for AOI would be an amazing contribution and one that would be used by hundreds of people.

keep us all updated with the progress.


Anonymous said...

I very glad to read about the progress.


Anonymous said...

The videos already look so amazing!
Keep up the good work!

bob said...

Thanks. Hopefully next weekend will be free to do nothing but AoI fluid work. So I'm hoping on a better update.

Oh and today is my 7 years aniversry.

Nik777 said...

Hey Bob,

Congrats on the anniversary! And tell the Perfect Wife she has our admiration for putting up with you for seven years already. You can tell her she would have even greater admiration from us if she pitched in to help develop the fluid plugin with you :o)


Anonymous said...

7 years? Congrats!
And be careful - some people tell "things" about the 7th year... (but luckily you´r already in the 8th year after 7th anniversary)

(somebody who just went into the 10th year)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob or anybody.

Does any of the AOI users or Forum members know if the development of the
Fluids Plugin is dead, as there has been no update when the first version of the plugin
will be available. Its an addition to AOI that i would really find usefull, but hey ho,
if its not going to happen then i will use other methods for trying to replicate fluids.

I do appreciate that the develoment of such a plugin must take a lot of skill, work and
time to code.

Bob also i have been working with "Francois" of the Poly Mesh Editor fame and "Peter" AOI fame to produce work for the new "Theming" that hopefully will be introduced in version 2.5 of AOI.

I have produced a full set of replacement icons and a new theme for AOI, both Peter and Francois have seen the results. I really need you to get your "Fluids" plugin somewhere near ready so i can create a set of icons for the GUI, Hey! Bob i was told to push you a little (Joke ! !). but yes it is true i would like to be able to create a "Icon" or set of icons for the fluids plugins as i am doing with "francoi's" Poly editor to intergrate with the ones i have already completed for AOI.

Cannot wait to try out fluids in AOI.


Gary Rose.

Anonymous said...

Hey great job! Keep up the good work.