Sunday, July 06, 2008

Polys for boundaries and stupid bugs

Oh yes, Its finally done. We have polygon boundaries so you never need to subdivide a mesh again. This should make it about 200 times easier to use now and I will get much less over/under subdivided meshes, asking where it all when wrong.

Ok, so its not finished. The source objects only use vertices's, and we still need to convert to triangle meshes and you still can't have a initial condition that includes a full glass of water. But otherwise this is working with the only regression I have noticed is the save state issue discussed below.

However there was one bug that took almost the whole weekend to find. When I had a object rotating under a fluid source, it would go unstable. Even with time steps down to 1e-6 it would still go unstable. To make a long story short I did not really find the bug. But i did prove that it *only* occurs on perfectly axis aligned vertices's rotating in the x plane! Even rotated .1 deg in the y axis would prevent the problem. I think I fixed it but I'm really not sure. Its possible that you just need everything to be perfectly aligned in some other axis....

But its good enough for me. So I will package this up on Monday as a beta-Alpha release for those who want to give it a try. Remember that performance on the old highly subdivided meshed will be very poor at this point in time, so a "clean" slate may be best. Also remember that there is no guarantee that there will be any level of AoI file backward file compatibility.

Also I will update the blog with a link to some new movies Monday as well.

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Yea, now that's good news! :D