Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Final Beta 0.5 Stages

To my surprise I got to spend about 6 hours on the code yesterday. This was enough to get real close to a releasable beta.

What was added:
  • Moving fluid inflow
  • Moving fluid outflow
  • Improved GUI
  • Bounds parameter (removes particles outside the bound)
  • Max particle parameter
  • re-coded the interface between GUI objects and fluid Solver Objects
What needs to be done:
  • Add support for save and load.
  • Fix some minor bugs
  • Documentation. You will need some to use the beta (perhaps alpha?)
  • Add some parameters to the GUI, like max particle count.
  • Add tool tips. Makes docs easier.
There are some other issues that have come to light. First is that there will need to be some serious improvement on the surface representation to get a nice look. This could be some work and will be done later. Secondly without adaptive time steps there are large performance issues. In particular I want to add adaptive time steps both in time and space.

So the 2nd Generation Fluid solver will have adaptive time steps and support for multi core CPU's and will be what I work on after the beta release. The new surface stuff will need to be later. We will see. Anyway heres some movies of the latest incarnation of the plug in.

Ugly Surfaces
Same as above in preview mode(15MB)
30000 particles is a bit slow


Nik said...

Hey Bob,

It's really great to see the added activity and progress! Sad to hear you ended up in hospital - and even sadder you couldn't spend the week in hospital coding! (joke - well, mostly...)

Regarding your to-do list, I would like to point out that the AOI plugin system supports Help documentation for plugins. This means that you can provide one or more Help sections with your plugin and register them, and AOI will automatically integrate them into the Help menu and display system.

The bottom line is you only neeed to provide the Help content, and AOI will look after the display and indexing for you.

Really looking forward to playing with the early beta.


bob said...

Thanks. That sounds like a great idea. Keeps things reasonably simple. Ironiclay I have never used the help system in AoI...

Nik777 said...

Hey Bob,

No worries about your never having used the Help system in AOI - I won't take offense.

When you are closer to shipping, touch base with me regarding the help pages.

In essense, if you write your help in HTML (with embedded images of screen-shots etc), then I can point you to tools to package them into a HelpSet. Alternativaly, send me a copy of the HTML help (including images), and I can send you a packaged HelpSet.