Thursday, July 12, 2007

Reading the tea

So I hit the literature last night too see how much the field has progressed. How surfaces are generally done and incompressible SPH. There is finally a few papers on divergence free projection methods out there now. Because this has been used with other methods espisally for visually effects where accuracy is not so important (aka RealFlow I think) I was surprised that it took so long to be implemented with SPH.

In the future I will probably implement a divergence free fluid solver (via projection) as this will allow for very large time steps and allows for "vortex forcing", that is make the fluid more turbulent which is often the desired visual effect. As for surface tracking I will probably try a "colour" method to determine the normal at the surface. The unnormalized normal is a proxy measure of distance from the surface which provides a nice way to integrate with the isosurface solver in AoI.

Oh and here is a full simulation of the bent channel flow. It took 8 hours and has a maximum of 20000 particles with another 10000 boundary particles. This should be perhaps a bit faster really.
Zigging and Zaging
IsoSurface render

I also did a hydraulic jump. The iso render is cooking.
Jumping fluid

The reference to tea is because I cannot drink the large amounts of coffee I would usually drink. So now its lots of tea......

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