Saturday, September 15, 2007

Good news everyone....

Think the Professor from Futurama when you read the title.

Yep. The beta 0.5 is out. However the documentation is even more sparse than I would like. Remember this really is a beta.

Basic HTML getting started

PDF of the same thing

Failed attempt at a Flash tut I used wink, unfortunately screen grabs when a menu is selected/pulled down does not work. So its not so good. But maybe it will help someone.

Image dump of the above flash. Warning, quite large.

And finally the link you are all waiting for:
The Plugin and it comes with the whole No warranty deal.

And finally I forgot one very important thing. Trying to ray trace transparent materials will be Really Really slow (Glacial speed). This will be fixed at a later time. Also in the mean time report bugs at the AoI source forge forums.


vidiot said...

Congrats deltor!

And thankyou for a fantastic tool!
I´m playing aoround with it - now trying to archieve what you´ve done in the turorial... and then I´ll see.

Really good to see this plugin "in the wild".


Anonymous said...


zorksox said...

This is great! I promise that all of your hard work will be put to good use. I'm rendering my first "splash" screen as we speak! :)

zorksox said...

My first render is done. Check it out!

I must say, Deltor, I am VERY impressed!

vidiot said...

I´m having fun deltor!!!