Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No posts does not mean zero progress

Well something like that anyway. I have been working away at the plugin. First of all we have added everything for the 0.5 beta release. I just need to fix the last few bugs that bug me. Secondly I'm moving the plugin over to the AoI 2.5 format. So when will it be ready? Well soon.

Last weekend I just got sick of computers and took my family to Venice for the weekend. It was nice and much cheaper than i thought it would be. This weekend could be the weekend. Lets hope.


Vidiot said...

Be sure that somebody presses his thumbs like crazy that this will be the weekend!

(It´s hard to write these lines with the thumps pressed btw...)


Anonymous said...

Great news about 0.5. Do you have any idea how compatible it will be with later versions? That is, if we start using 0.5 in our scenes, will they break when future releases come along?

bob said...

Almost certainly not. Unfortunately the file format will change throughout the beta phase i'm afraid. Some backwards compatibility will be build in for 1.0+